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Sea Stories
The difference between a Sea Story and a Fairy Tale is: A fairy tale begins “Once upon a time” and a sea story begins “This ain’t no shit...”

Flooding in Mess Deck

We were at 300 feet when the reach rod for the safety tank vent valve give way in the superstructure and shot into the crews mess leaving a 1 1/2 hole in the pressure hull. The quick action of the crew kept the damage to a minimal. Sonar and the battery wells were protected with mattresses and we surfaced promptly. This reenforced my beliefs the Submariners are a cut above the rest.

No Down Periscope

The time in the north Atlantic that the periscope got bent while under the ice. Tried to straiten with mooring line & forward capstan.

State 8 Seas

While returning from the north Atlantic operations in state 8 seas a wave broke over the sail knocking the lone lookout off his feet. The rush of water swept him towards the coning tower hatch and his safety line stopped him short. To keep water from flooding the conning tower the helmsman was instructed to pull the hatch shut when the waves broke over the sail. The timing was terrible because the hatch shut just as the lookouts face reached the opening. The weight and momentum of the hatch caused some major pain to the lookout. Broken bones and cuts. Efforts were made to med vac him but the weather wouldn't cooperate. The Captain made all efforts to get help then proceeded to return as fast as possible, making max turns across the Grand Banks off Nova Scotia. When a air lift was possible we were only one day out of home port and the lookout chose to ride the ship back, The Captain even put the decks awash to go under the railroad bridge on the Themes River where a freight train was stalled.

Dealing with SP's (Shore Patrol)

We were tied up at Halifax, Nova Scotia with several other boats and a carrier. It was mandatory to wear blues. While walking downtown the four of us found a small shop that sold these neat Scotish tams. We gave our white hats to the ladies and started wearing the tams, The shore patrol from the carrier picked us up for being out of uniform and took us back to the boat. The SP's requested to see the OOD and was advised he went ashore to make a phone call but the XO was manning the fort. The XO was called topside and upon appearing at the forward torpedo room hatch he was dressed in dress Khakis and wearing a tam. The SP's admitted there wasn't a problem and drove us back to town.

Hospital Boat

We painted the boat a almost white / grey and just before getting underway for the north Atlantic from New London. The Quarterdeck watch was distracted by a sailor from a neighboring boat while his cohort painted a big red cross on the port side of the sail.

Visitors Boat in NYC.

There also was a surface ship there but the line for the Becuna was 3 blocks long and there wasn't any visitors line for the surface ship.

Kingston NY

Went up the Hudson River past West Point to Kingston, NY. The fire dept. hooked up our water and the Yacht Club kept a barrel of beer on tap right next door.

A group of us marched in a 4th of July parade down main street and there wasn't any resemblance to a drill team however lots of applause.

I think three guys met ladies in Kingston, NY and eventually married them.

Visiting Boat for the 4th

Castine, Maine, 4th of July, all the lobster you could eat and fireworks out of the signal ejector.The local store couldn' keep beer in stock.

Only one eligible female in the town!