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War History

I'll only make a few highlights here. You can also visit the Independence Seaport Museum (Philly) site. This organization is taking care of the Becuna now. Just follow this link.

Becuna Seaport Museum


  • April 29, 1943 - Keel laid at Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut.
  • January 30, 1944 - Launched
  • May 27, 1944 - Commissioned
  • July 29, 1944 - Pearl Harbor
  • Becuna made five war time patrols.
  • August 23, 1944 - First Patrol. Several torpedo hit but no confirmed sinkings.
  • November 16, 1944 - Second patrol. Sank 2 small coastal freighters.
  • February 22, 1944 - Third patrol. Sank Nichiyoko Maru (1945 tons)
  • May 22, 1945 - Fourth patrol. Lifeguard duty.
  • June 21,1945 - Fifth patrol


First & Third patrols crew members earned the submarine combat insignia.

War Patrol web site click on this link for detailed reports:



Becuna - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


This is a drawing of New London Sub Base

Here the Escape training tower was still there. I went through the training twice, once for the "Blow & Go" method and later for the better "Steinke Hood" method.

Now the training is done in a swimming pool, but now Sub School is taught on computers like a video game and no longer a school boat, like the Becuna was for many years (16 dives a day). On hands training is now done on simulators which Becuna vets got to try at the 2002 reunion Sub School Tour.

Update 10/14/2010:
Sub School recently built a escape trainer but the new one is only 35 feet deep.

Click Here for a caricature of escape trainer expressions

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