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Rest Your Oar
Oct 8, 2015

Thomas Shields (EN2)
Pennsylvania - (Becuna '59 - '63)

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Becuna Reunion 2014 - Groton, CN
Best Western Hotel

There wasn't a large showing but the camaraderie was evident. Gitch put on a great spread for the Hospitality night and the Banquet was exceptional. The hotel provided a free hearty breakfast each morning

Some couldn't make it because of serious medical problems, Dan Donovan, Bill Herman and John Buffis and we all wish them well.

Only about half of those that committed showed up but there were some new faces and first timers.

The Becuna fund took care of the tour fees. We visited the Aquarium, A steam locomotive and Pullman cars ride and a boat excursion on the Connecticut River. A few tried there luck at the casino's.

I took many pictures at the reunion and posted them on "Shutterfly" Using the menu bar at the top of this page click "REUNION" to acsess the link to take you there. The pictures are on 7 pages using the same link.


Rest Your Oar
July 11, 2015

Eugene Robison (IC2)


Binnacle List & Eternal Patrol

Click Here to access a list of recent deaths and shipmates in distress. God bless the departed ones and may the ones with medical burdens get well soon.

Rest Your Oar
July 7, 1939 - June 25, 2015

Herbert Hawes (EM)
New Hampshire



Robert "Dex" Armstrong on Eternal Patrol
Legendary 'After Battery Rat'

Dex cast off the lines of life at 6:20 AM EST July 8, 2014 and sailed off on his final patrol. A larger than life character with a remarkable talent for writing thoughts and actions that all diesel boat sailors can appreciate.   Nukes may get a little feel for his humor but the rest of the 'commoners' will probably be lost.  There are other 'brotherhoods' but few canmatch that of the Submariner
Read a few of Dex's stories.  He has an uncanny way of describing it the way it really was.  It may help some of you understand why I, and some other Sub sailors, are who we are.


LCDR Armand (Leggs) Legare
December 31, 1923 - May 3, 2015

CO USS Becuna 1959-1960
Sailor Rest Your Oar and God Bless

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Honoring those who served

It was decided prior to the reunion that it would be nice to have a plaque on the boat honoring those who served on the boat. Seems there are restrictions to putting items on museum pieces.Many e-mails and phone calls we got permission to put such a plaque on board. A second plaque for the museum in the Becuna section, was authorized by the museum director.

The wording for the plaque was mostly done by Captain Anderson. The plaques were made and shipped to Philly and the finished product is pictured below.


Rest Your Oar

Jesse B Lowery (STCS)
North Carolina

Eternal Patrol August 14, 2014


The Meeting

There was a short meeting after the banquet, Gitch is sorry he will be unable to continue coordenating any futurer reunions and Mike resigned from being Treasurer. Suggestions were few on who would coordinate and the location of the next reunion, if we decide to have one.
About 50 % wanted it to follow the USSVI locations the remaining voted for the Poconos, PA. Tom Shields offered to Coordinate that senerio but no decisions were made. Two years is a long time at our ages, so we must consider that in the decision on wether we even want another reunion. I observed some that are very healthy and agile but like me it is chore to get out of bed. Once up and I had my coffee and a handful of pills I get around pretty well.
The Becuna fund has enough money for another reunion.
The crew members attending was 18 excluding spouses or friends. I think there were some new sea stories I haven't heard before and many repeats from previous reunions. I did notice there was more talk about medical issues both those present and the ones who couldn't attend.
Most of those attending came from the east coast but there were a few of us from mid-west.

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